key_small In a nutshell, remember this pattern :






Now in details:


 -  The use of SUCH AS is relatively simple. It is used with a noun to introduce examples:


He likes playing sports such as tennis, football and swimming


-  The use of SUCH is more complicated:


SUCH is often used when we are talking about a high degree of some quality – in situations where very is also a suitable word.


SUCH is used without a, an before plural nouns, mass nouns (luggage, furniture) and abstract nouns (advice, courage, generosity, kindness ... )


Such beautiful furniture.


It was a pleasure to meet such nice people.


SUCH A + adjective and uncountable noun.


We've had such a good time.


In an informal style, SUCH can also be used to give new information, when the speaker wishes to emphasise what is said.


He’s such an idiot!


She has such a marvellous voice!


It was such nice weather that we stayed there for a week.



-   The use of SO is rather easy too. We use SO before an adjective on its own (without a noun) or an adverb.


The weather is so good at the moment.


Please don’t speak so quickly, I can't undersatnd you.



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