1 TO BLOW UP TO EXPLODE The terrorists tried to blow up the palace.
2 TO BREAK DOWN TO BECOME USELESS The train broke down just before the station.
3 TO BRING UP TO EDUCATE AT HOME My grandmother brought up 5 children.
4 TO CALL BACK TO PHONE AGAIN Please call back after lunch.
5 TO CALL FOR TO FETCH We'll call for you after the show.
6 TO CALL OFF TO END The strike was called off at Easter.
7 TO CARRY ON TO CONTINUE I am carrying on with my English.
8 TO CARRY OUT TO PUT INTO PRACTICE A survey will be carried out soon.
9 TO CATCH UP TO JOIN QUICKLY Go on! I'll catch you up in a minute.
10 TO CHECK IN/INTO TO REGISTER (Hotel, Airport) I checked in at the Ritz in London.
11 TO CHEER UP TO ENCOURAGE She bought him a present to cheer him up.
12 TO CLOSE DOWN TO STOP PRODUCTION The firm closed down last year.
13 TO COME FROM TO BE BORN IN Her family came from Northern Ireland.
14 TO CUT DOWN TO REDUCE They need to cut down smoking.
15 TO DEAL WITH TO HANDLE The government must deal with those problems at once.
16 TO DO OVER TO REPEAT A JOB You must do this homework over.
17 TO DROP IN TO PAY AN INFORMAL VISIT You can drop in anytime!
18 TO EAT OUT TO EAT IN A RESTAURANT Why not eat out for a change?
19 TO FALL OUT TO HAVE AN ARGUMENT They have fallen out once more.
20 TO FALL THROUGH TO COME TO NOTHING The new plan has fallen through for good.
21 TO FILL IN TO ADD WHAT'S NECESSARY Fill in the details below.
22 TO FILL UP TO FILL TO CAPACITY She filled up her trolley.
23 TO FIND OUT TO REALIZE THE TRUTH He found out about his mum recently.
24 TO GET BACK TO RETURN I got back from Dundee last week.
25 TO GET OFF TO LEAVE You must get off the bus at Maidstone East.
26 TO GET ON TO MAKE PROGRESS Little Jeremy is getting on well at reading.
27 TO GET ON WITH TO CO-OPERATE WELL She gets on with her boss very well.
28 TO GET OUT OF TO ESCAPE FROM I can't get out of going to the annual meeting.
29 TO GET OVER TO RECOVER FROM She never got over his death.
30 TO GET THROUGH TO CONTACT BY PHONE We can't get through to the man in charge.
31 TO GET UP TO RISE OUT OF BED They got up early to be there.
32 TO GIVE BACK TO RETURN Give me my money back.
33 TO GIVE IN TO SURRENDER Never give in to threats.
34 TO GIVE UP TO STOP It's hard to give up smoking.
35 TO GO OFF TO GO BAD The meat has definitely gone off .
36 TO GO ON TO CONTINUE The show must go on.
37 TO GROW UP TO BECOME ADULT Joe grew up fast when his dad died.
38 TO HAND IN TO SUBMIT SOMETHING The students have to hand in their papers before noon.
39 TO HANG UP TO STOP SPEAKING (PHONE) Liz hung up on her boyfriend.
40 TO HAVE ON TO PLAY A TRICK He must be having on us.
41 TO HOLD ON TO WAIT Please, hold on a second.
42 TO HOLD UP TO DELAY We were held up because of the traffic.
43 TO HURRY UP TO SPEED You'd better hurry up or we'll miss the train.
44 TO KEEP UP TO CARRY ON WITH Let's keep up the good work!
45 TO KNOCK DOWN TO HAVE A TRAFFIC ACCIDENT He was knocked down by a car!
46 TO KNOCK OUT TO STUN The tablet knocked her out for 9 hours!
47 TO LAUGH AT TO MAKE FUN OF They laughed at his misfortune.
48 TO LEAVE OUT DO NOT INCLUDE / ADD An important scene was left out .
49 TO LET DOWN TO DISAPPOINT Harry will never let you down !
50 TO LIE IN TO STAY IN BED You can lie in tomorrow.
51 TO LOOK AFTER TO ATTEND TO She looks after the entire class.
52 TO LOOK AT TO EXAMINE WITH CARE You should look at the battery and tyres.
53 TO LOOK FOR TO SEARCH FOR Are you still looking for a job?
54 TO LOOK FORWARD TO TO ANTICIPATE The children look forward to Christmas.
55 TO LOOK INTO TO EXAMINE We must look into this tricky situation.
56 TO LOOK UP TO SEARCH FOR I tried to look up the time of the train.
57 TO MAKE UP TO INVENT He always makes things up.
58 TO MAKE OUT TO HEAR / UNDERSTAND We couldn't make out what he was saying.
59 TO MOVE OUT TO CHANGE PLACE (HOUSE) They've just moved out to a bigger house.
60 TO PACK UP TO STOP WORKING My secretary packed up early.
61 TO PAY BACK TO RETURN MONEY He'll pay the money back next month.
62 TO PAY OFF TO LOSE A JOB We'll be paid off in two weeks.
63 TO PICK OUT TO CHOOSE The player picked out a very good card.
64 TO PICK UP TO MEET (BY CAR) He will be picked up from his hotel.
65 TO PICK UP TO COLLECT I asked my son to pick up the litter.
66 TO PUT OFF TO POSTPONE He put off his visit to the dentist.
67 TO PUT ON TO WEAR My boss put on an expensive new suit.
68 TO PUT THROUGH TO CONNECT (TELEPHONE) He was put through to the accounts department.
69 TO PUT OUT TO EXTINGUISH The firemen quickly put out the blaze.
70 TO PUT UP TO PROVIDE LODGING We'll be happy to put you up next Christmas.
71 TO PUT UP WITH TO BE PATIENT She puts up with his bad moods.
72 TO RING BACK TO TELEPHONE AGAIN Can you ring me back after lunch.
73 TO RUN OUT OF TO COME TO AN END We've run out of tea.
74 TO SAVE UP TO KEEP MONEY She often saves up for the holiday.
75 TO SEE OFF TO ACCOMPANY They'll be happy to see you off at the station.
76 TO SET OFF TO START (A JOURNEY) We would set off at dawn every day.
77 TO SETTLE DOWN TO BECOME ESTABLISHED He never settled down to married life.
78 TO SHOW OFF TO ATTRACT ATTENTION The toddler showed off at the wedding.
79 TO SORT OUT TO ORGANIZE Those books and magazines need sorting out.
80 TO STAND UP FOR TO DEFEND The Suffragettes stood up for themselves.
81 TO TAKE AFTER TO RESEMBLE (A RELATIVE) Mary took after her grandmother.
82 TO TAKE OFF TO REMOVE He took off his hat and gloves.
83 TO TAKE OFF TO LEAVE THE GROUND Our plane took off at 9.00 a.m.
84 TO TELL OFF TO SCOLD My maths teacher often tells me off in class.
85 TO THINK ABOUT TO REFLECT OR RECALL She hardly ever thinks about her childhood.
86 TO THINK OF TO CONSIDER We must think of the environment.
87 TO THINK OVER TO CONSIDER FURTHER You should think it over for a while.
88 TO THROW AWAY TO DISCARD That is money. Don't throw it away.
89 TO TRY ON TO SEE IF IT FITS Please try your shirt on before you buy it.
90 TO TURN DOWN TO REFUSE TO CONSIDER She was turned down for the job.
91 TO TURN OFF TO STOP THE FLOW OF Please turn off that tap. It is leaking.
92 TO TURN ON TO START He turned on the computer.
93 TO TURN ON TO BE EXCITED Leather can turn some people on.
94 TO TURN UP TO APPEAR They often turn up unexpectedly.
95 TO WAKE UP TO STOP SLEEPING Yesterday, I didn't wake up until noon.
96 TO WALK OUT TO LEAVE UNEXPECTEDLY The factory workers walked out in the middle of the meeting.
97 TO WASH UP TO CLEAN DISHES It is your turn to wash up.
98 TO WEAR OUT TO BECOME USELESS Kids wear clothes out so quickly.
99 TO WORK OUT TO CALCULATE I've worked it out, it's exactly 3.117 tons.
100 TO WRAP UP TO ENCLOSE IN PAPER The presents took ages to wrap up.



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