key_small When learning English, some people (particularly in France) confuse the meaning and usage of these two verbs:


TO BE and TO GO in the past participle forms.


GONE is the Past Participle form of the verb to go.   (TO GO / WENT / GONE)

BEEN is the Past Participle form of the verb to be.   (TO BE / WAS - WERE / BEEN)


My teacher has gone to work in England. (He’s there now or on his way there)  // AWAY //

Mary has been to France six times this year. (She has now come back) // BACK //




A: GONE describes an activity or an action that has begun or taken place and is continuing.  The person is in the place now.

e.g. My teacher has gone to Snodland to meet his family.   (My teacher is still there and hasn’t come back)

B: BEEN describes an activity/action that has finished. The person has visited the place and has come back.

e.g. Mary's parents have already been to Plymouth.   (They are back now)


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