key_small  How do I form a positive  imperative sentence?

Main Verb (Infinitive) + Object or Complement  for positive commands and requests.

1. Tidy your room !

2. Listen to me!


How do I form a negative imperative sentence?

Do + Not (Don’t) + Main Verb (Infinitive) + Object or Complement for negative commands.


1. Don't look at my photos.

2. Don't open the back door, it's broken.


Imperatives are used for a number of different purposes:

We can use the imperative to give a direct order.

1. Sit down and shut up.

2. Give me the file.


We can use the imperative to give instructions.

1. Open your book page 71.

2. Take two tablets every morning.


We can use the imperative to make an invitation.

1. Come in and join us.

2. Have a nice cup of tea and a piece of this cake. It's delicious.


We can use the imperative on signs and notices.

1. Press a key and insert one Pound. 

2. Do not use.


We can use the imperative to give friendly informal advice.

1. Speak to him. Tell him how you feel about what happened.

2. Don't go. Stay at home and rest up. Get some sleep and recover.


We can make the imperative 'more polite' by adding 'do'.

1. Do be quiet.

2. Do come and sit down.


 Extra Emphasis

Imperative sentences can be emphasized dramatically through the use of Always and Never, which are used before the main verb. This use of adverbs helps to reinforce strong advice in everyday situations.

1. Never drive without your seatbelt fastened.

2. Always wash your hand before eating.