test tableau ultimate

One-syllable adjectives. Ex: old, fast Add -ER: older, faster.Add -EST: oldest , fastest
Only one syllable, with one vowel and one consonant at the end. [CVC] Ex: big, fat They double the consonant, and add - ER -ER: bigger, fatter. They double the consonant, and add -EST: biggest, fattest
One syllable, ending in E. Ex: fine, wide Just add -R: finer, wider. Add -ST: finest, widest.
Two syllables, ending in Y. Ex: funny, easy Change Y to I , then add -ER: funnier, easier.Change Y to I , then add -EST: funniest, easiest.
Two syllables or more. Ex: boring, interesting Use MORE before the adjective: more boring, more interesting. Use MOST before the adjective: most boring, most interesting.